Probot: OliverBot

A GitHub App built with Probot that replies to closed bugs with a Please…can I have more…? — ala Oliver Twist


  1. Configure the GitHub App
  2. Create .github/oliver.yml based on the following template
  3. It will start replying to newly closed bugs.

A .github/oliver.yml file is required to enable the plugin. The file can be empty, or it can override any of these default settings:

# Configuration for oliver -

# Number of days the issue was closed in before the bot should reply.
# If the issue was closed in more days than this, the bot won't reply.
# Use `daysClosedIn: false` to *always* reply.
daysClosedIn: 5

# Labels to look for on issues the bot can reply to
  - bug

# Comment to post when replying
comment: >
  Thanks for raising this issue. If you're happy with how it was handled,
  maybe you could star this repo by way of thanks 👍